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     Benjamin and Bervick Guillory were born in 1991, and raised in the heart of Zydeco Country in Mallet, Louisiana. They were raised in Zydeco from the start because of their father and Grandparents creole roots as adults now learning that their grandmother on their mothers side was a carrier from lawtell La that connects them to the carrier family the great Roy Carrier and Grammy award winning  Chubby Carrier.

     As a freshman in high school, Ben started to develop a real interest in the music because of the likes of the greatest Zydeco legends. His all time biggest influence were the funky sounds of the late Beau Jacque. He was also very fond of, and influenced by BooZoo Chavis, Clifton Chenier, Buckwheat Zydeco, and many others. As real young boys (under aged kids), they would sneak into every club that would let them through, just so they could watch and listen to the live sounds of Zydeco!

      Ben knew he wanted to learn to play the accordion, but first he had to have one in order to play one. He asked his Mother to buy him one for Christmas. He explains that they were not a rich family, as his Mother and Father had divorced early on. Their Mother struggled to make ends meet for her children. His excitement was beyond words when indeed his Mother gave her son the very gift that would forever change his life. Ben finally had his very own accordion.

     He admits that he quickly realized the idea of playing the accordion was much easier than actually doing it, and it was almost impossible to find anyone to teach him. For now, the accordion stayed tucked away in his closet.

     Ben will be the first to admit that as a young boy he was in an out of trouble because of what he refers to as his "hot temper". Luckily he found peace in focusing on his love for Zydeco. "He recalls praying one night saying God if you teach me how to play the accordion I promise I will stay out of trouble in jesus name He decided to use the music for a new direction in life and hasn't been in trouble since. He decided the only way to learn was to teach himself. It was then, that the accordion left the closet and became almost an extension of Ben's person. He recalls walking in the halls of his high school carrying his accordion. He remembers his friends making fun of him for having his accordion everywhere he would go, but Ben would simply reply "Hey, I'm going to have my own band one day you just watch and see."

     Now it was time for Ben to put his dreams into a reality. He noted that Zydeco was beginning to change with lots more variety and flavor. He knew if were to be successful he would have to be different. He began thinking that if he could teach his twin brother Berv (who also had a true love for Zydeco) how to play the accordion that they would be the first set of twins to break into the Zydeco Scene!

     Initially, Berv wasn't too sure of Ben's vision. In fact, he laughed at him and said "It will never work, you're crazy". Berv told Ben "I'm not the man on the bandstand, that's Keith Frank, we won't ever be able to do what those other guys do." It took some talking, but finally Ben talked Berv into trying. That was the birth of "Double Trouble Zydeco".

     As they began to develop their craft, the twins note the influence of "Lil Jeff" Boutte. Jeff was a great part of their development because he pulled the courage out of them to sing Zydeco not just play it. Jeff also taught them some of the most important things they know...he  taught them to remember that "Music is a feeling", and that "You've got to stand for something, or you'll fall for anything". The twins cherish what they learned from Jeff, and have certainly stood true to it.

    After much time working and developing it was time for their first public show. Double Trouble Zydeco made their debut at the Zydeco Extravaganza. They recall being back stage and running into Buckwheat Zydeco. Buckwheat asked if they were about to play, and he decided to stay so he could "see what they were working with". Ben says after their performance Buckwheat came to them, reached his hand out as if to give a handshake and instead gave him a big hug. He told them they did a great job, and that he really saw potential in the twins. His advice was to always stay true to their roots and they would do fine.

     Together, Ben and Berv do an excellent job in their business. Ben focuses on the development of the music, while Berv stays focused on the business aspect. Their individual talents truly make a dynamic duo! These guys are exceptional men, wonderful family men, and truly good hearted people. They are humble, and appreciative every step of the way. No doubt about it, they will be making Zydeco great for many years to come!